BitCoin/LiteCoin Mining Contracts


BitCoin or LiteCoin Investment Today For Tommorrow

BTC/LTC Mining Contract:

100% Guaranteed to Double your BTC/LTC Investment  in Approximate 18 Months or we will Refund your Initial BTC/LTC Investment !!!!


Once BitCoins/LiteCoins Doubles your Contract Ends and you will get Double your BitCoins/LiteCoins to your Specified BTC/LTC Address.

Example: Investment of 1 BitCoin gets 2 BitCoins Back or 10 LiteCoins gets 20 LiteCoins Back :))

Minimal 1 BitCoin Investment or 10 LiteCoins

Copy And Paste the Following BitCoin/LiteCoin Address and Send 1 or More BitCoins or 10 or More LiteCoins:

BitCoin Address:



LiteCoin Address:



*** Investments Of Less Virtual Coins Will Be Accepted

**** Refunds Will Be Issued After 6 Months (Only If Requested Before 6 Months Deadline)

Questions/Comments/Help eMail to -

Welcome to :))