Risk Warning

Trading with any type of asset carries with it a certain level of risk. CFDs are a difficult product to understand for the common of mortals and the CNMV considers them unsuitable for retail investors because of that, as well as the high risk they entail.

You should always keep in mind that margin financial products (often referred to as leverages) pose a high level of risk to your capital. FXbypro.com recommends that you make sure you understand the implicit and explicit risks of these products well and, if necessary, seek independent and specialized advice.


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FXbypro.com reminds you that all the data displayed on this website are not necessarily current or accurate, but merely indicative. We recommend that you make sure you understand all the implied and explicit risks arising from trading any asset.

In addition, you should consult and check the validity of the information set out herein before investing with real money. This company works independently with different brokers through its affiliate programs and, as a result, may receive some consideration.