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Is Avatrade a safe broker? The answer to this and other questions you will find in the complete and updated review that we have made

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What is Avatrade?

AvaTrade is considered by many traders as one of the best online brokers and the most attractive of the moment. One of its main advantages over its competitors is that it offers more than 200 different financial instruments with which to operate, including the most relevant for commodities, stock indices, stocks, currency pairs and more.

In addition, the AvaTrade broker will allow you to access your account from any type of device, whether you prefer to carry out your operations from your computer or if you opt for any type of mobile device. It also has a good number of automated trading platforms , variable or fixed spreads, segregated accounts for greater security, as well as other advantages.

Below we will analyze all the details of this renowned regulated broker so that you can make sure – before even opening a real trading account on its website – that it is the one that best suits your needs. Let us begin.

The company appeared on the market in 2006 . After breaking into the online trading industry, it is currently consolidated as one of the most recognized international brands. Today it has the backing of highly prestigious institutions and is considered one of the most advanced trading platforms on the market. This online broker already has more than 20,000 users and clients , moving around 2 million trading orders every month. All of this is proof of Avatrade's reliability.

Avatrade Summary
Name Avatrade
Business AVA Trade EU Ltd
Founded in 2006
Web page www.avatrade.com
License Central Bank of Ireland (No.C53877)
Main office Dublin, Ireland
  • Used by 200+ traders

  • Founded in 2006

  • Regulated by ASiC, FSA, FSB, FFAJ, CBI, BVI

  • € 250 minimum deposit

  • Does not offer VPS

  • Does not accept US clients

Avatrade spreads and commissions

Following the usual way of working of most brokers, AvaTrade will charge you a commission on each trade you make. This amount will depend on the spread or difference between the purchase price and the sale price of the transaction carried out.

In the tables that you will find below you will see some of the minimum spreads that we have seen on your portal. In this sense, we must tell you that it is a very competitive spread compared to the vast majority of brokers that we have analyzed.

This information is provided as a guide and we recommend visiting the AvaTrade website to check for up-to-date spreads. For this you can click on any of the links on this page.

Currency Pairs

Some of the pairs with which you can trade in the Forex market are:

Pair Spread Margin
EUR / USD 1.9 0.25%
GBP / USD 2.4 0.25%
EUR / GBP 2.5 0.25%
USD / JPY two 0.25%
AUD / USD 2.5 0.25%

More Actions

Among the most outstanding stocks you will find:

Business Badge Spread Margin
AMAZON USD 0.13% 5.00%
FACEBOOK USD 0.13% 5.00%
GOOGLE USD 0.13% 5.00%
TESLA USD 0.13% 5.00%
BARCLAYS GBP 0.16% 10.00%

Shares (Spain)

These are the main ones:

Business Badge Spread Margin
TELEPHONE EUR 0.22% 10.00%
IBERDROLA EUR 1.02% 10.00%
REPSOL EUR 0.22% 10.00%
INDITEX.ES EUR 0.22% 10.00%
SABADELL BANK EUR 0.76% 10.00%

Commodities (Energy)

Some of the available ones are:

Raw material Spread Margin
Petroleum $ 0.03 1.00%
Natural gas $ 0.50 0.50%
Gasoil $ 0.002 over market 2.00%
Heating Oil null 10%

Commodities (Agricultural)

The agricultural raw materials to highlight are:

Raw material Spread Margin
Corn $ 0.25 over market 3.00%
Wheat $ 0.25 over market 3.00%
Coffee C $ 0.10 over market 3.00%
Sugar $ 0.02 over market 3.00%

Commodities (Metals)

The metals that Avatrade offers are:

Metal Spread Margin
Gold $ 0.50 0.50%
Silver $ 0.04 2.00%
Platinum $ 0.50 over market 2.00%
Copper $ 0.006 over market 2.00%


Among others, we can mention:

Cryptocurrency Spread Margin
Bitcoin cash 1.5% Over-market 10%
Ethereum 1% Over-market 5%
Ripple 1.5% Over-market 10%
Litecoin 1.5% Over-market 10%

Stock Indices

Nor could there be missing stock indices such as:

Stock index Badge Spread Margin
S & P500 USD 0.25 over market 0.50%
NASDAQ 100 USD 1.00 over market 0.50%
CAC 40 EUR 1.00 over market 1.00%
DAX 30 EUR 1.50 over market 1.00%
FTSE 100 GBP 1.00 over market 1.00%
IBEX 35 EUR 2.00 over market 100: 1

Customer account types

As we have seen in the previous section, the underlying offer in Avatrade is very good. In this section we will explain the types of account that you can choose from in this broker.

We can group AvaTrade clients into 4 large groups:

  • Silver: for this type of client, the company has a training website with content such as online courses, free trading tutorials, books on forex or a hedge protection plan. In addition, they offer you free withdrawals in 5 days. They also have a live news section about the market, you can access the blog, use their mobile application and you will have access to the AvaFX credit card.
  • Gold: essentially, clients in this category will be able to access all the services that we have just highlighted for Silver clients. The big news for this new group is that they will have direct access to fantastic market analysis and daily Autochartist signals . Otherwise, you will not lose any of the benefits of the previous group.
  • Platinum: once again, you will have the entire basic package of services that we have already seen for the two previous groups of clients. This includes, of course, the ability to win free money within 5 days. The difference for Platinum clients is that you will have a room to negotiate more directly , in addition to having access to market analysis and everything Autochartist offers you.
  • Ava Select: once again, they offer the possibility of getting online courses, training of all kinds with video tutorials, a PDF book on forex, as well as a hedge protection plan and an analyst for you. Of course, there will be no lack of the possibility of taking free income in 24 hours. Clients of this group will also enjoy all the live market news and will have access to the Ava Trader blog . You can also use their app and you will have access to the AvaFX credit card.

Being in the Ava Select customer group has other added advantages such as accessing a good market analysis and the signals that are sent daily by Autochartist . One of the most interesting issues is that the trading conditions will be more advantageous here and you will have discounts, promotions and Premium gifts. Finally, you can use a customer service phone line.

To be part of this group of clients you must make a deposit of at least $ 100,000 or have accumulated a volume of negotiations for the same amount mentioned. New additions to this group of clients are made every quarter. Don't you have such capital? Don't worry, any of the other account types will work.

Avatrade Demo Account

Before deciding to use AvaTrade, you can test their services for free by opening a demo account . It is an account with which you can operate without risking your money in the market.

Once you open this free demo account, you will see that it has 100,000 virtual dollars for you to try everything you want. In addition, you can use them with real market prices for a period of 21 days.

The advantage of starting with the demo account lies in the fact that it allows you to become familiar with how the platform works before even depositing funds. To open it, you will only have to indicate your personal data.

Avatrade Academy

One of the great advantages offered by the Ava Online Forex platform is training. With it, you can develop your investment strategies, as well as many other knowledge about the Forex currency market and other products.

On this platform you will be able to access videos exclusively designed for you, the technical analyzes of the Autochartist Mailer system or the support in Spanish that they make available to you 24 hours a day.

Although it may seem trivial, training is a basic pillar to improve our knowledge as traders as well as to keep abreast of the news and the economic calendar.

Trading Platforms at Avatrade

These are some of the Avatrade trading platforms that you can find:

  • AvaTrader: you can customize it with exclusive charts and all kinds of news, all on a single screen and just one click away. You will have everything you need to trade indices, stocks, commodities, currency bonds …
  • Ava Metatrader 4: it is one of the most successful and famous platforms when it comes to forex investments. In it you will see the complete list of instruments available on a single screen and, in view of the enormous flexibility it has, it will be of great use to any user regardless of their experience.
  • Floating Spreads : Once again, you will have all the customization options you can imagine in addition to charts and many other analysis tools.
  • Ava Options: this platform has a perfect combination between the best features of Forex and FX Spot.
  • Automatic trading : its tools will allow you to copy successful trading strategies and operations that professional level traders usually do (also known as social trading ) and all this completely automatically thanks to Mirror Trade and Zulu.
  • Mac trading: this is a platform compatible with Mac devices and is based on the Avatrade web platform. In addition, you will be able to access any of the available markets and monitor everything to achieve a much faster execution.

Platform offer

Trading platform Available
Mac Trading
Avatrade Go
MT4 Floating Spreads
Automatic Trading
Mobile Trading
Web Trading

How to open your account at AvaTrade?

In order to use AvaTrade, the first thing you must do is register as a user on their platform. Doing so is very simple and you just have to follow these simple steps.

First you will have to access the Avatrade website in any of the links on this page. Once there you have to click on the “create an account” button. Remember that you can also open a free demo account in which you will not put your money at risk. The website will ask you to complete a form in which you must provide your personal information such as name and surname, email address, telephone number, country of residence, platform you want to use and the currency you are going to use for your deposits. At that point, you will only have to deposit the funds you want to start operating with your account.

Remember that to answer any questions you can contact their customer service in Spanish. Open account at AvaTrade

Avatrade's conclusion and opinion

It is a broker regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland as well as by other international organizations and which offers its services to millions of users from different countries. Its long history, as well as the awards it has received in recent years, are proof of Avatrade's reliability . As far as security is concerned, this online broker adheres to the highest industry standards such as the use of segregated accounts.

Our opinion is that it is one of the best brokers available and that it adapts to both retail investors and more professional traders thanks to the wide range of financial instruments available on the multiple trading platforms it offers to its clients.

In closing we would like to mention your risk warning : CFDs are complex instruments and carry a high risk of possible rapid loss of capital due to their leverage. 71% of retail investor accounts lose capital when trading CFDs with Avatrade. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take a high risk in losing your capital.

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Frequent questions

❶ Who is Avatrade?

Avatrade is an online broker with a wide range of financial instruments (more than 200) and great international fame since its foundation in 2006.

If you want to know it in detail, we recommend you read our complete analysis of this broker.

❷ Is it a regulated broker?

Usually the fact of having been in the industry for so many years (founded in 2006) is the result of the reliability of a broker.

However, our experts have carefully analyzed all aspects that concern both the security and the regulation of this broker and firmly affirm that it is a safe broker.

You can read our Avatrade review and analysis for more information.

❸ How to trade with Avatrade?

If you want to start operating online with Avatrade, you have to make sure that this broker accepts clients from your country of residence.

Being an international broker, the most normal thing is that you only have to open a trading account and deposit funds to start trading.

On our page we explain how to open an Avatrade account.

❹ Do you have a Demo account?

Demo trading accounts are very useful and at OkBrokers we recommend using them before you start trading with real money.

Avatrade offers one of the most flexible demo accounts and on our page about this broker we give you all the details about it.

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