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The Terms and Conditions section you are reading includes the general policies of this website that affect aspects such as the provisions concerning the privacy of the website or the notice about risk. By entering or using this website, you are granting your consent to such provisions and therefore agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

We reserve the option and right to vary, include or remove any aspect, clause or issue within these Terms and Conditions. It is therefore appropriate (and even mandatory) for you to review this section periodically, as such variations will be valid and effective immediately and, as already explained in the previous paragraph, the mere fact of accessing this website and its use entails the automatic consent of the Terms and Conditions, also, of course, those points that have suffered some kind of alteration.

In the event that you do not wish to agree to these Terms and Conditions do not use this website.


This website, as you can see, includes a wide variety of recommendations, suggestions, observations, analysis, news, videos… born and drink from multiple sources. They are advice and warnings offered to the user without warranties of any kind, and that pour the opinion of its authors, in no case, represent the opinion of FXbypro or its representatives.

Any opinion, suggestion, audiovisual element, analysis, course, quotation or signal related to the purchase and sale of coins, the becoming and oscillation of indices, forecasts or any information or financial element intended to advise on investments, which is part of the content of this website, has been published, solely and exclusively, for a purely informative purpose. It never implies a kind of recommendation, advice and, much less, invitation to operate in financial markets.

Moreover, given the consubstantiary setbacks and obstacles to electronic administration, delays or inaccuracies in that content may occur. In addition to the above, the following clauses are established:

  • FXbypro, as well as its agents, representatives or affiliates, shall not be liable for any actions, decisions or determinations you make to the albur of the content of this website.
  • FXbypro cannot confirm and certify (ergo, does not) the accuracy, correctness and functionality of the content of this website (suggestions, advice, recommendations and other issues) for the purpose of giving it particular use.
  • FXbypro, as well as its agents, representatives or affiliates, shall not be liable for any damages caused, directly or indirectly, by the use of the contents of this website.
  • FXbypro, as well as its agents, representatives or affiliates, shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind, or for any personal injury or even death, even if any of these vicissitudes were at risk (directly or indirectly) to the use of this website, even though it has been alerted to the risk and that its event has been , whether in whole or in part, generated or caused by negligence or wilful damage beyond its competence and handling.
  • FXbypro, as well as its agents, representatives or affiliates, is also exempt from any liability for loss of profits, even if it may be at the same time as the use of the information published on this website.

The above clauses and precepts apply solely and exclusively to this website. But this site includes links to other websites managed and created by people who have nothing to do with FXbypro. They are simply contents of other websites that we consider of interest. By the very nature of the Wold Wide Web (WWW), it should be considered that these sites that we link are secure and bear all the guarantees of privacy and security, however, it is not something that we can guarantee, nor are we in a position to guarantee the confidentiality of the content, as well as the handling that each website makes of it. Therefore, it is only up to you (and at your own risk to do so) whether or not you choose to use these links in the first place, and subsequently what is offered by the linked website.

  • A link from our website to another, under no circumstances does FXbypro imply that FXbypro agrees or subscribes to the opinions, information, suggestions and, in general, content of that other website.
  • A link from our website to another, in no case, implies that FXbypro supports the agent or broker of the other website in question, nor the movements or trades carried out by it.

Co-branded websites

In some cases, FXbypro may establish strategic alliances with other websites, through the so-known co-branding. These allied websites are operated by people other than and outside FXbypro. If you want to perform any operation on the co-branded site, you will most likely be required to provide information regarding your personal data, cards or payment options. You agree not to hold FXbypro, and/or its representatives, liable for any damage or loss that may be caused by trading from the co-branded site.

Each co-branded website should specify its privacy policy and terms and conditions of use.