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What is XTB? Is a gotcha? Before opening your trading account we recommend that you read our opinion of XTB

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If XTB opinions are what you are looking for , on this page you will find our complete analysis by our team of writers. In it we detail key aspects such as regulation, XTB commissions, the financial instruments it offers and much more. Also, if you have already used the services of this broker you can leave your feedback and your opinion about XTB to share it with the rest of our readers.

But if you are in a hurry, here is a summary of our analysis of this broker. Remember that the information presented here is merely informative and that the result of your activity with this or any other broker is your responsibility.

Summary and opinion of XTB

XTB is a broker founded in Poland that has been offering its services in the world of trading since 2002 . Today it has offices in more than 13 countries and is regulated by several of the most important financial regulatory bodies in the world. Traders resident in Spain should know that this broker is registered with the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

As for the XTB trading platform , this broker bets on its own: xStation 5. It is available for all types of devices and offers a large number of instruments. Its interface is relatively straightforward and offers some easy-to-use and more advanced trading tools, as well as charts.

Regarding the supply of instruments, our opinion is that it is good. XTB allows the purchase of real shares, trading CFDs on stocks, cryptocurrencies, currency pairs, commodities, indices or ETFs. Real cryptocurrencies may be missing. On the other hand, XTB does not offer the option of social trading. For this, we recommend taking a look at eToro .

Finally, something important: the broker's commissions. XTB allows you to operate without opening or closing commissions, although you will have to deal with differentials or spreads.

What is XTB?

Before giving you our opinion on XTB, we will analyze this broker in detail. Founded in 2002,  XTB  (formerly known as X-Trade Brokers) was the first of the  Forex brokers  to appear strongly in Poland. Over the years, this company has become the fourth largest Forex, CFD and spot trading house in the world. Right now, it is active in 13 countries, including Poland, of course, France, Germany, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Spain and many more.

In addition, there are several security guarantees that await you if you decide to  open an account in XTB  since it is fully regulated by various financial organizations. Among them, the Spanish  National Securities Market Commission  and others such as CMB, FCA and KNF stand out. As if that were not enough, it has world-class recognitions such as the one it received in 2016 for the best trading platform in the  Online Personal Wealth Awards . Of course, as your client, you will have the help of its customer service team whenever you need it, among many other advantages, but what is clear is that Xtb stands out for its security and reliability.

Is XTB a safe and reliable broker?

XTB  has been gaining fame among traders for years and today many consider it one of the best brokers in the world. It is a regulated broker that complies with strict laws of conduct for financial institutions and its clients enjoy quality assured services.

Among the various licenses that regulate the activity of this online broker, it is worth highlighting the one granted by the British  FCA , one of the strictest bodies when it comes to monitoring correct compliance with the guidelines it imposes. Spanish users will be happy to know that XTB in Spain is registered and regulated by the  CNMV  and that its capital will be  managed by Spanish banks .

Although surely we can find  opinions about XTB  of all kinds, the truth is that in terms of regulation and safety there is nothing that can be reproached. For all this we dare to ensure that the Xtb broker is legit and totally safe.

The stock broker you are looking for

If this company stands out for something, it is because it is the first online broker in Europe that offers the possibility of trading not only with CFDs on shares but also with pure and real shares. As if that were not enough, traders who use Xtb to invest in real stocks will enjoy an unbeatable commission: 0% commissions.

XTB overview
Name XTB
Business XTB Branch in Spain
Founded in 2002
Web page www.xtb.com
License CNMV number 40
Main office Madrid Spain
  • Offer real shares
  • Competitive spreads
  • Regulated broker
  • Good supply of instruments
  • Does not offer Social Trading
  • Limited customer service
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You read it right: buy shares without commissions. In addition, Xtb ensures that these conditions are not promotional if not permanent. For all this we consider it the  best stock broker .

NOTE: Real shares with XTB are only available to traders resident in Spain or the European Union.

Spreads and commissions

Our opinion about the fees that XTB applies to its services is that they are quite low and this makes it a relatively cheap broker. It does not charge opening or closing commissions, but  only spreads  that vary according to the asset we have chosen for our operations.

  • Forex:  average spreads of 0.28 pips (although they vary depending on the volatility of the market).
  • Stock CFDs:  0.08% commission on Stock CFDs.
  • Actions:  0% commission.
  • Commodities:  the spreads are variable depending on the chosen subject. Gold, as an example, varies between 0.21 and 0.63. On the other hand, cocoa has spreads of up to 14 pips.
  • Stock market indices:  As in commodities, the spreads in indices are different depending on the chosen instrument. For example, the DAX spread is 0.9 points while the Dow Jones spread is 2 points. There is the possibility of working with micro lots.
  • Cryptocurrencies:  Bitcoin, Ripple, Dash, Ethereum and Litecoin and they have spreads from 0.014 pips.

It is clear, then, that the commissions do not exist but the spreads fluctuate with each underlying asset with which we want to operate. If we compare the  spreads of Xtb  with those of other  CFD brokers  we will see that they are not very high and that Xtb is one of the cheapest brokers when it comes to operating. This is undoubtedly a point in favor of this broker.

We have also been able to verify that it is easy to deposit funds in the real trading account and that they have a wide catalog of payment methods available to their clients. Withdrawals are not a problem either.

Currency Pairs

Xtb has become one of the leading online Forex brokers and offers a wide range of currency pairs.

Currency pair Spread Margin
EUR / USD 0.8 pips 0.5%
GBP / USD 2 pips 0.5%
EUR / GBP 1.17 0.5%
USD / JPY 140 0.5%
AUD / USD 1.7 0.5%


Metal Spread Margin
Gold 0.3 0.50%
Silver 0.04 1.5%
Platinum 7 1.5%
Copper twenty-one 1.5%

Commodities (Energy)

Raw material Spread Margin
Petroleum 0.04 1.5%
Natural gas 0.01 1.5%
Gasoil n / a n / a
Heating Oil n / a n / a

Commodities (Agricultural)

Raw material Spread Margin
Corn 0.36 1.5%
Wheat 1.04 1.5%
Coffee C 0.18 1.5%
Sugar 0.05 1.5%

Cryptocurrencies (CFDs)

Cryptocurrency Spread Margin
Bitcoin 112 twenty%
Ethereum 16 twenty%
Ripple 0.019 twenty%
Litecoin 3.5 twenty%

Stock Indices

Stock index Badge Spread Margin
S & P500 USD 0.5 0.5%
NASDAQ 100 USD 1 0.50%
CAC 40 EUR 1.1 0.75%
DAX 30 EUR 0.9 0.50%
FTSE 100 GBP 1.7 0.50%
IBEX 35 EUR 6 0.75%

When it comes to trading   underlying CFDs , we will find a long list of assets such as: currency pairs in forex, various commodities or raw materials, a good number of indices, also CFDs on shares of international companies , as well as ETFs and Options.

Remember that these data are indicative. For example, the  maximum leverage  for non-professional accounts is usually 1:30 and depending on the product. We recommend that you click on the “Go to XTB” button to check all the available instruments, the spreads and the maximum leverage of each financial product directly on the broker's website.

Remember that using leverage increases risks, which can make you lose money quickly if your operations are not successful. For this you have to be careful and always use security tools such as stop loss .

XTB trading platform

If Xtb stands out for something, it is because of its own trading platform . It is about the well-known xStation 5 and its mobile version, an intuitive and easy-to-use trading platform. It is software that does not require installation or download and can be used from any device thanks to the xStation mobile version.

What more could you want? XTB's xStation 5 platform is one of the  best trading platforms  and is one more example of the quality of the services offered by this broker.

Trading platform Available
xStation 5

XTB Demo Account

One of the weak points of Xtb until recently was the absence of a  free demo account  that its clients could use without the need to make deposits and on any device. Fortunately, this has changed and this type of account is available at this broker. The demo account is unlimited for XTB clients and limited to 30 days for those who are not yet.

In addition to the possibility of making fictitious trading, Xtb has a multitude  of training content  with tutorials, live seminars and more for its clients. All for free and for all levels.

A good advice that we can give you is that you try all their services with the demo before risking your money and that you do it in several products. In the same way, you should not choose a broker without first taking a look at their web trading platform. The XTB demo is 100% free, is available in Spanish, and has  all the tools and assets  of the real account.

The main  advantage of the demo  trading account is that you can try all the services of this broker without risking your capital. Either to develop your investment strategies or to familiarize yourself with their trading platforms, we recommend making use of the demo account as much as necessary.

Advantages of trading with XTB

  • Broker regulated by international organizations.
  • Low and competitive spreads.
  • Unlimited demo platform.
  • Broker registered in the CNMV registry.
  • Telephone customer service and in Spanish.
  • Large number of instruments to operate.

Disadvantages of Xtb

  • It does not offer VPS.
  • It does not offer Social Trading.
  • Demo account limited to 30 days.

XTB opinions and conclusion

After being scrutinized by our writing team, XTB's feedback is good. The conclusion is that it is one of the best brokers available due to its recognized prestige, assured quality, as it is regulated by international financial organizations. Regarding security, this broker passes all possible tests and adapts perfectly to the needs of   both Spanish and Latin American retail or professional investors .

If you want to buy stocks (both real and CFDs), XTB is a great option. In addition, it also adapts to the needs of experienced traders who want to operate in other markets such as Forex.

You can have a free demo account but, if you decide to open a real trading account, remember our usual  risk warning : trading carries risks, CFDs are complex instruments difficult to understand and the risk multiplies depending on the level of leverage. Never invest more than the money you can afford to lose. You take advantage of your investment opportunities but remember that by trading with XTB or with any online broker you will assume a high risk of losing money.

Don't forget to leave your opinion on XTB in the comments.

External references

  • Financial Conduct Authority
  • Polish Financial Supervision Authority
  • Federal Financial Supervisory Authority
  • Online Personal Wealth Awards
Frequent questions

Are you a regulated broker?

Yes, in addition to having a long history in the online trading industry, XTB is regulated by various official bodies such as the British FCA or the Spanish National Securities Market Commission. This guarantees that this company carries out its activity with guarantees.

Does XTB charge commissions?

No. If you decide to open a real trading account with this broker, you will not pay commissions such as opening or closing an account. You will only have to face the spreads, which will vary depending on the asset in which you invest as well as the volatility of the financial markets.

Do you have a demo account?

XTB clients can make use of a free demo trading account with a fictitious opening balance that will allow them to trade a long list of financial assets as if it were real money but without the risk of losing money.

What is the minimum deposit at XTB?

You can make as many deposits of funds as you want in your real trading account and using various currencies such as the euro, the British pound or the US dollar. The minimum deposit is very low so this broker suits both retail and professional investors.

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